Finding the right photographer for your wedding day is important. When taking on a new couple I always want you both to be completely comfortable with me and the way I shoot. I want you to know what you’re getting; and more importantly – I want you to enjoy yourselves in the process!

My style is relaxed, un-obtrusive and modern. It’s about great light, interesting compositions, and documenting people in a natural state during wonderful moments. I’m there to capture beautiful images that perfectly depict the story of your wedding, without overwhelming you and your guests.

When it comes to your couple portraits, I’ll give you both direction and a little encouragement to interact with each other. I know what works and how to achieve some lovely results. But these are your photos, so we’ll work together to get the feel that you want. Ultimately, you’re in charge.

Have a browse through my work and really get a feel for it. If you’re keen, then get in contact with some details of your day, and I’ll get back to you shortly!





Hi, I’m Rachel and I take photos. I enjoy documenting the world around me. I appreciate the detail in what might seem insignificant. I like people and I’m fascinated by light.

I love travelling, heavy music and earl grey tea.

When I’m not away shooting, you can find me nestled in my new home down in Hastings, on the south east coast of the UK.

Alongside working as a fashion and advertising photographer, I’ve been shooting weddings internationally for 7 years. My camera’s taken me to some amazing places over the years, and I can’t wait to see where it might take me in the future.

Photographing weddings is awesome. Being part of such an intimate moment in people’s lives is a privilege I cherish every time. I’m stoked I can use my skill to tell the story of such an important day in a couple’s relationship. I love my job to death and wake up every morning feeling grateful for what I do.

Thanks for loving each other!

Rachel xo